The Write Stuff: Get Ink-spired by the SHARPIE S-Gel Gel Pen

Sharpie S-Gel Pens

Are you on a quest to find the perfect pen? Your journey might just end with the SHARPIE S-Gel Gel Pens! These medium point (0.7mm) gel ink pens promise to be the knight in shining armor in your pen collection (everyone has one, right? or is it just me? tell me it isn’t just me). Fear not, for I have put these bad boys to the test for writing quality, ink flow, and comfort. Allow me to take you through the pros and cons of these colorful writing wands so you can decide if they deserve a place at your round table of writing implements.

Pros and Cons


  1. Smooth like butter – the S-Gel pens glide effortlessly on paper, with no skipping or snagging. Plus, their quick-drying, vibrant ink is smudge-free, making them perfect for those with a penchant for neat, precise writing.
  2. Cozy as a hug – these pens have a comfortable grip that makes even the longest writing marathons a breeze.
  3. As vibrant as a unicorn – offered in an array of bright, bold colors, they turn writing into a truly magical experience.
  4. Easy peasy portability – with a snug barrel shape and a handy pocket clip, you can take your new writing friends anywhere.


  1. Patience is a virtue – while the ink dries quicker than a desert, you might still have to wait a few seconds for it to fully set.

Quick Verdict

Is the SHARPIE S-Gel worth a spot in your pen stash? Absolutely! These pens deliver a fantastic writing experience, with their smooth, quick-drying, and fade-resistant ink. The 0.7mm medium point is the Goldilocks of pen tips – not too thick, not too thin, just right. Plus, no smudging or smearing makes them leftie-friendly (yep, I’m a leftie)!

The only downside is the ink’s thickness might not suit some writing styles but I love it. If you want a quality gel pen for a smooth writing experience and quick-drying, fade-resistant ink, then look no further. Trust me, your inner writer will be as happy as a clam!