My Superpower: The Art of Collecting Beautiful Journal and Notebooks Too Beautiful to Write In

Blank Journals and Notebooks

Every book lover has a unique quirk. For some, it’s the satisfying smell of freshly printed pages, while for others, it’s the feel of a well-worn book passed through generations. For me, my superpower lies in the art of collecting beautiful books that are meant to be written in, and then never daring to mar their pristine pages with ink. I cherish their perfection, their immaculate beauty, and the thought of desecrating them with my scribbles seems, well, almost sacrilegious.

The Allure of Beautiful Books

These beautiful books come in many forms: lavish journals with gilt edges, ornate sketchbooks that inspire creativity, or intricately designed notebooks with covers that look like art. There’s something magical about the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and the promise that they hold within their pages.

For me, the attraction goes beyond just aesthetics. These books represent a blank canvas, an open invitation to express my innermost thoughts, emotions, and ideas. The potential is limitless, and perhaps that’s what I’m drawn to: the idea of infinite possibilities, all wrapped up in a beautifully bound book.

Why I Can’t Bring Myself to Write in Them

As much as I adore these books and the possibilities they hold, I can’t bring myself to spoil their flawless beauty. I worry that my writing won’t be worthy of their pages or that I might smudge the ink and ruin their elegance forever. So, instead, they sit in a place of honor on my shelf, their spines uncracked, their pages unsullied, serving as a visual reminder of the untapped potential that lies within each of us.

I’ve come to accept that my superpower is the art of collecting these breathtaking books and loving them from a distance. I may not be able to write in them, but I can appreciate their beauty and their silent presence in my life.

What These Books Represent

I’ve come to realize that my love for these beautiful, untouched books goes beyond just their physical appeal. They symbolize something deeper: our innate desire for perfection, our fear of failure, and the daunting idea of taking that first step towards our goals.

These books serve as a reminder that we’re all capable of greatness, but we must first overcome our fears and self-doubt. It’s only when we take that first step, make that first mark, that we can truly unlock the potential within ourselves and our beloved books.


It’s true – my superpower lies in collecting beautiful books meant to be written in and not being able to write in them because they’re just too amazing. But perhaps, with time, I’ll learn to conquer my fear, embrace imperfection, and finally put pen to paper, allowing my thoughts to flow and fill the pages.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to bask in the beauty of these bound masterpieces, knowing that they represent more than just a pretty cover. They remind me that I, too, hold a world of untapped potential, waiting to be set free.

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