In the Depths of Darkness: A Soul’s Resilience

Sun Setting

In the depths of despair, I found,
A silent world without a sound,
A place where light no longer kissed,
The darkened corners it once missed.

Oh, these heartstrings bound, like vines,
Inscribed with pain like ancient lines,
A story told in aching sighs,
As tears welled up in reddened eyes.

A castle built of fractured dreams,
Crumbled under anguished screams,
Each brick, a whisper of regret,
An ocean of pain I can’t forget.

The stars above, they ceased to shine,
Their lustrous glow forever mine,
But in despair, I’m left to cope,
In shadows where they hid my hope.

From tortured nights, in tear-stained beds,
To morning light that never ends,
My soul, it yearns for just one breath,
Of solace from this darkened death.

But even in the deepest gloom,
There blooms a flower, brave and true,
A rose that’s kissed by morning’s dew,
Its crimson petals yearn for you.

For pain, like tides, will ebb and flow,
In times of darkness, strength we’ll know,
And though despair may lead astray,
These words will always light the way.

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