About Michele

Welcome to my world, a blend of creativity, care, and a dash of delightful chaos. I'm a consultant, a website wizard, and a creative soul at heart. By day, I weave magic into WordPress websites, offering business coaching with a tech-savvy twist. By night, I dive into a universe of stickers, planning, and artistry, fueled by my ADHD-driven creativity and an unending thirst for learning.

In the corner of my office, Stixx, my nocturnal hedgehog, is my silent anchor, reminding me of the quiet persistence in doing what we love. Grace, my rescue pup, is my living lesson in transformation, showing me the beauty of trust and the joy in life's simple moments. Then there are Ryder and Diesel, my feline confidants. Ryder, the self-proclaimed assistant, often battles with the keyboard, while Diesel prefers to snooze nearby, a constant, comforting presence.

My life is a tapestry of interests - a collector's haven for books, art supplies, and an ever-growing array of notebooks and pens. These aren't just items; they're portals to worlds of creativity and organization, each piece a character in my story of artistic expression.

As I navigate the waves of ADHD, I find strength in my diverse passions. They're not just hobbies; they're vital parts of my mental wellness toolkit. They fuel my creativity, enrich my work, and bring a unique flair to everything I do.

Join me in this journey of creativity, planning, and embracing life with all its quirks. Together, let's find joy in the organized chaos and make every moment count.